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Julie Lyon
Vocalist, Composer

"The voice ofJulie Lyon is not about free rein sound but rather depth of experience and the aura of the truth of jazz will not leave you from the first track to the last.” – – Leonid Auskern, Jazzquad, Russia

"She’s the real deal in her element here with a voice that is like a nice chianti – Smooth, subtle, complex, and a little playful. When she is singing, what you hear is not only the lyrics, but a visceral love of singing that shines through her instrument, very refreshing and appealing."-- Jonathan Shade

“It’s interesting to see that the new generation of jazz divas can draw water from the same well but still manage to spike the drink with a special sauce of their own that gives them some distinctive real estate to plant a flag on. Certainly a classic feeling thrush, Lyon is sassy and saucy seemingly taking Birdland to the tea pad after hours with the jam going in full force. Same church, different pew—this one’s filled with the bad kids hanging out in the back. Fun stuff.” -- Chris Spector

"...present and in the pocket...a college girl matriculating in Hip 101" --Mark S. Tucker

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Photo by Suzie Alvey


© 2016 by Julie Lyon

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