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Julie Lyon grew up with many and varied musical influences but from a very young age knew that she wanted to be a singer. She studied piano and voice from age 15 through college, earning a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.  Classically trained and reared on pop, rock and blues, the draw of the vocal jazz greats, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and many others, opened the door to a world in which Ms. Lyon is now at the top of her game. Initially fronting the premier jazz quartet in Orlando, Florida, Ms. Lyon and her drummer/husband/partner Tom Cabrera pulled up stakes, settled in the New York metropolitan area and assembled a quintet of remarkable musicians for their Unseen Rain Records release.
Ms. Lyon’s composing, arranging, improvising and lyric writing emerge from her seemingly disparate influences. Her quartet/quintet is performing at jazz clubs, festivals and everywhere single malt scotch is available. Current and future projects include a duo release with pianist Bob Rodriguez and a large ensemble recording of the compositions of Jack DeSalvo to which she has penned lyrics.
When she's not singing or writing Julie also volunteers for Westbury Arts where she serves as President of the Board of Directors.  Westbury Arts is a 501(c)(3) non profit whose mission is delivering arts and cultural programs and connect, educate and inspire the community. 
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